Here is a new collection featuring music from a number of former USSR states. Most of it has a completely different texture and sound from the more familiar Slavic oriented folk pieces. This hard-to-find music was provided by Ted Kloba of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Byelorussian SSR - "Black Alder"

Karelia - "Beautiful Maiden"

Smolensk Oblast - "Psaltery Tune"

Moldavian SSR

Dagestan SSR


Ukrainian SSR - "There's a Well in the Field"

Ukrainian SSR - "Hutzulski Tanec"

Georgia SSR - "Western Georgia Humorous Song"

Azerbaijan SSR - "Kurd Shaknaz"

Bashkir SSR - "Gulnazira"

Armenia - "Khnaminer"

Armenia - Yeghso Dear"

Tadjik SSR - "The Dancing Girl"

Uzbekh SSR - "Song of the Cotton Picker"

Kirghiz SSR - "Komuz"

Turkmen SSR - "You, Beauty"

Tatar SSR - "Apipya"

Kazakh SSR - "Kalka"

Lithuania - "Sheperdess' Polka"

Lithuania - "Oh, How the Little Green Pine Grows"

Lithuania - "Sweet Berries"



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