RICHKA.COM presents Music from Finland

Finland of course is not in Russia, but I couldn't resist putting up this music, especially since Finnish folk music isn't so well known. These are great examples that any lover of Russian folk music will enjoy. All vocals are sung in the Finnish language.

Lapikaspolkka  - Markku Lepistö

Tziganaiset - performed by the group Tallari as are the next 6 tunes
Bet you've never heard Finnish sung before! This is a gypsy inspired tune to get things off to a fast start.

Joki - "river" in Finnish

Kymmenen Pennin Ryyppy - can't say it, but I love the tune

Poska Efter Hultkläppen

Santerin Kaffilassa

Flinkt Ovanpå

Helpakan Ella

Syyskuun ilta - Eino Tulikari

Voi jos ilta joutuisi - Eino Tulikari

Tulikarin sottiisi - Eino Tulikari

Finnish music has been really popular so here is more of it. Finland is not part of Russia - there were wars to that effect - but it is immediately adjacent to Karelia, which provides the melodies and inspiration for these early recordings by the popular Finnish group Värttinä.

Varii ompi zaijuvesj (1987)

Tutskovin polska (1987)

Ruskie neitsyt (1987)

Koiviston polska (1987)

Tast' Se Lahti Toinen Tahti (1989)

Kadrilli (1989)

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